Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellow Window Pane

Solar Creme is a bright yellow creme with a secret shimmer.

I blogged it here in a skittle set.

I feel it deserves a little bit more attention:

It has a hidden shimmer that is a delight.

Three coats and a little slow to dry. Of course the shimmer is kind of buried in the creme, but that's the joy of secret shimmer!

Best of all: Matching Cap Action!

Decided to add the old Super Professional Nuclear Half Life of 138 Years gold foil.

Solar Creme is a bit translucent in the first coat so it works to let the foil peek through.

Not 100% sure this is a success, but I like it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. I just swatched a bunch of polishes, but my cuticles, broken nails, and poor lighting/camera settings made the photos less than useless. Ugh.
Back to the drawing board.


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