Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old L'Oreal: Das ist Gut!

With the OPI Germany Collection coming out, I think upon my favorite 80's band, Bauhaus, some of my favorite movies by Wim Wenders, and of course my favorite form of silent Cinema, influenced by German Expressionism.

Let's be honest, if you've seen Until The End of the World, you smile wryly at everyone walking around staring at their phones and pads. Prescient.

I could go on, heck I've been known to do so, but I won't because this is a nail blog, not a cultural blog.

Let's look at an old L'Oreal I found at Dollar Tree:

Purple stripe int eh center is my camera reflecting in the nail.

It's called Plush Velvet. No top coat. Three coats, but dense enough for two. Nice formula, a little loosey goosey, but not impossible.

Plush. Mmmmmmm. Plummy and shimmer packed. This, mind you, is sans top coat! If I ranked my polishes by favorites then by color, this would lead the pack of plum shimmers.

I feel like I'm in some hunting lodge in Bohemia waiting for my carriage to arrive.

Well, I feel a Germany Collection has a couple in the same vein, hence my connection.

Though we are in the throws of the dog days of summer, I feel little connection to them. I've got a penchant for autumn shades.

If you run across this baby, enjoy plummy burgundy without too much brown, you may want this one.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. This is gorgeous!!! I am currently working on building my old-school L'oreal collection and this bad boy is definitely going on the wishlist!

    1. Yeah, there is something pretty much in the realm of "under the radar fabulousness" about a number of these polishes!
      Can't wait to see your swatches!!!


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