Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unknown Essie

I've been down with bronchitis and an ear infection, and mostly poking around the MUA Nail Board, but finally got it together to edit a few pix.
I realize that I've been slacktastic, and to be perfectly honest, I don't think there is much therapeutic effect of breathing in acetone fumes and polish solvents, so I kind of jammed through one session. Ack.

Meanwhile, back to the blog...

About six months ago I floated on through Ross (selection choice was the usual "no", "no", "NO!", "maybe" and "are you kidding?") and saw this bottle of Essie nail polish.
Not so big these days since Ross now seems to carry packs of Essie.
Back then, Essie was an oddball surprise.

I think the label explained it:


Top Coat?

Not really.

But in fact a pink leaning red, that looks pretty much, well, RED when I wear it.

A pretty creme that kind of looks like it should be one of those colors I really want, don't have, but appear to have passed on while procuring farrrrrrrrr too many purples, greens, periwinkles and other polish color peccadillos.

Three coats and no clean up, I really wasn't sure what it was and kind of wanted to find out.

But what color? I wanted to say Watermelon or something like it, but hazarding a serious guess in the realm of red is beyond my scope.
I must say, I rather love it, though I kind of feel nuanced differences in red is lost on me. I do love the formula, Essie is often a win for me in the cremes.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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