Thursday, August 16, 2012

Calmly Bobbing Along Atop A Wave Of Blue

In the realm of blue, I have little bias.

I see blue, I want it. Green, too, pretty much falls into that category.

While picking up a glitter at Claire's I saw this beautiful rich blue shimmer called Tranquil.

I put it on alone and almost cried.

Suuuuper sheer. This is four, possibly five coats. I don't mind multi-coaters, but this really never picked up as much depth as it needed to really call it a a stand-alone.

Plus it's pretty blah, medium blue tending a little aqua.

Tried it over black, WnW black.

Finally it looks like it does in the bottle, however a bit darker, which is a treat.

This is two coats.

Yeah, no clean-up, I know. Revoke my blogger membership card! ;D

Finally I added SH Sea and Be Seen.

SH Sea and Be Seen is a gorgeous layering blue. It's been panned as too sheer, but really pops over other colors. This came out in the same Tracy Reese collection as Hidden Treasure.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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