Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blogger Love: Zoya Coraline

I don't follow a lot of the bigger beauty bloggers. At heart it is nail polish warms my heart. When I need a swatch or am curious about new makeup, I will google and run into some that are pretty fabulous.

I'd never heard of EleventhGorgeous blog until word spread like fire on the MUA Nail Board about the BirchBox Zoya Blogger Collection.

Coraline is the rich tangerine jelly in the three pack. I love orange/coral and this one is very lovely.

It is four coats, however, which is kind of frustrating.

A couple of things, though:
1) it dried so fast
2) the gloss shine really kicks bootee

Downside are my own failings here: last polish I had on was dark and somewhat stained the sides of my nails, which stank. My nails are stained a rich yellow and that does come through a bit.

If you love jellies, don't mind a few layers and enjoy warm, summer colors, this collection has a lot going on.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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