Saturday, July 7, 2012

Richon Does it Again...

Being a fan of Princessa's formula, made by Richon, when I saw this blister pack of nail polish, I pretty much had to try it out.

I have seen L.A. Colors nail polishes in sets at Rite Aid and at Ross, and also have seen Richon once before at Ross, but I thought this time I'd grab these.
It was $5.99 at my ross and pretty much a total win.
Why they show the model with that manicure only serves to re-enforce my idea that it's more about a stock photo with nail polish for some of these companies than anything that resembles the polish they are selling!

Though the bottles are identical to L.A. Colors, but these are a different brand.

OK, to the swatches.

First some quick thoughts: the formula was great, not having to finesse a polish really is refreshing.
None have any names, nor is their anything on the packaging to indicate that they might have names.
I also want to add that none have a topcoat, either.
Wear was super, I tend to be pretty hard on polishes.

Jelly yellow with a lot of iridescent glitter. Three coats. Dense formula.
If I were to name it myself I'd call it Bumble Bee-lly Yellow (You know, to keep that puntastic-ness we all have come to know and love w/nail polishes! I won't weigh down the rest of this post with my names, have no fear! :D )

A gorgeous nearly neon coral. Love. It! Three coats.
I think there is a softness to it that is purely adorable.
Satin finish.

Every collection seems to think it needs a red. This one looks like a hot summer day. Three coats.

Rich sky blue with a light blue shimmer.
Three coats. Loveliness!

This one needed four coats. It has a serious shimmer, but it needed the extra coat for coverage.
Sort of a pastel emerald, frosty w/o being too pearly or brushstrokey. Although I confess I love it more in the bottle than on the nail.

A three coater again. Another soft satin finish.

Perhaps my fave. Again three coats, and if you looks closely you can see the red and blue shimmer in this gorgeous polish.
Deep purple and fabulous!

There you go!
I know that these are at Ross intermittently. I've seen them with glitters, too, and other shades. I put the wear and formula on par with better brands.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I have two of the Prisma sets, but not this one. I always thought they were by the same co. as LA colors, bc sometimes the colors look similar, lol! Thanks for clearing that up though :) Thanks also for the swatches!

    1. I agree, the colors do have similarities, like the blue w/the shimmer, I swear I've seen that A@Dollar Tree.

      I also think L.A. Color has a pretty decent formula, too.

      Could be the same "plant" that mixes the batches up for the companies, too.

      It is so odd, isn't it?

  2. love these! i usually overlook these sets, but I dont think i will anymore =]

    1. I think they are worth it.
      There is a lot of weirdness at Ross, since CC has now, as far as I can tell, moved to TJ Maxx and drugstores with their stuff.
      But, occasionally I see some of the Cosmetic Arts polishes.

      These were a pleasant surprise.


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