Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where I am Repeatedly Wrong and I Make it Right

In the past I may have said that Blackened Teal and Diva Blues - both by Maybelline - are dupes.

I am here to say they are not. In fact my wrongheadedness on this point has manifested into cocksure MUA posts! Doh!


And I apologize to anyone who may have bought one thinking it was the other.


I also threw in Essie Dive Bar as a reference, since I've blogged it, it's out there and most people have seen it. Plus with two bottles and the let down factor, I feel like I need to just "wear it, dammit" since I not only went ape, but bought two bottles at full price. Noooooz!

Please excuse the massive bubbles. I have a new thinner - Toluene packed 16 ounce tin - that I've been using in some base and top coats and I need to get rid of it because I now feel it is part of the problem!

OK, to the pix (topcoat free, btw):

Clearly I've gotten it all wrong all this time.

*head desk*

Here are the swatches broken down:

More of a deep cadet blue, leaning navy shimmer. Old school "fine particle" shimmer. As you can see it's gold cap Maybelline.

I'd have called this Deep Forest or Cascade Midnight, had it been me, but hey, no one gave me the call.

I think I want to send Maybelline on a camping trip because we sure as heck don't have teal, we have a deep pine green.
Love the deep green, but you knew that!

More for reference than anything else. More of a teal than Blackened Teal, that's for sure.
This, to me feels like a blackened teal. This is a larger particle shimmer, but not as big as a glass fleck.
I think if I sorted my stash via finish, then by size of finish, I'd be semi-delirious.

So, many apologies about the confusion about Blackened Teal and Diva Blues.

Mea culpa, or rather major culpepper, or perhaps mega cuticles.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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