Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Noodling with Navy

The talk around here is the bad weather: late/non-existant spring, thunderstorms, the non-summer-summer, and humidity (rare in these parts).

Weather, to paraphrase Mark Twain, is what people talk about when they haven't got anything else to say. On the other hand making small talk, requires weather chit chat to a certain degree.

Meanwhile I've been sitting on this little comp for a while because I had to reswatch when I realized I owned so many dupes!

First, I was pretty mortified to see I have three dupes of NYC Chinatown.

Next, upon swatching them, I discovered there are differences between them:

So one is more purple and the other is more blue. No clue why. Guessing it's like a batch of thread, paint or knitting yarn: different batches have slight variations. Of course we've seen this in OPI, too. No surprise!

I also found some mini Markwin brand polishes I picked up in a set at Ross that were identical to the one on the left. No swatches, it was a seasonal set from several Christmases ago.

All are three coats. I apologize for the bubbles.

So I then took the blue version of NYC Chinatown and compared it to OPI Light My Sapphire, from the Night Brights collection. (I swatched it here)

Here is the comparison using the blue NYC.

Three coats and you can see that their commonality is navy, but the NYC has a robust frosty shimmer packed into it. Light My Sapphire is more blue, and though it has a similar silvery frost, it's more demure by comparison.

In now way would I consider either anything other than blue, so if your monitor sees purple, it's not there.

The NYC Chinatown is a quick dry and has an advantage if you need that kind of formula, but I am personally favoring the the OPI.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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