Sunday, July 22, 2012

Giving a Rotterdam

Hey folks, down with the flu and I'm just now feeling up to much of anything.


I am back with an OPI I really looked forward to acquiring: I Don't Give A Rotterdam, from the spring OPI Holland Collection.

A soft blue shot through with gilded glass fleck.

Three coats, easy to use, a subtle blue that wants to turn gray, and dips its toe into the violet realm.
I think under normal Tungsten incandescent bulbs this shade of blue tends to turn gray. Kind of stinky in the winter, but great for spring and summer when you are outdoors, as it really pops.

I love both the color and the finish, it's a wonderful color to have in your collection, especially if you love that particularly wonderful shade of blue!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Very pretty! Sorry to hear you were sick.

    I might have to copy the idea of posing my nails with a color wheel--I never thought to do that!

    1. Hey thanks!
      I hate summer colds!!

      I thought I'd try to show the color a little better.

      I think it can jack the camera brain. I'm still working on another one that needs some color correction...a purple...per usual!!!


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