Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lavender and Gold

We are all familiar with Zoya Zara (blogged here)

But not a lot of people know about Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms Lavender Gold.

Let's be honest: it's sheer, it's old formula slow-to-dry Sally, but it's amazing once applied.

The lavender is so soft it almost looks like a nude. No doubt this can be an issue for those who want that bright pop.
Three coats, still translucent to my nail beds.

If you like gold shimmer, this is probably one you will enjoy.

The gold shimmer can not be understated: old school, fine particle shimmer.

Not really what I'd call a duochrome in any sense of the word, but the smokey purple base offsets the shimmer beautifully.

Here's a shot of the bottle so see the base a little better:

Love the gold caps on these, so old fashioned.

I then decided to put it over e.l.f. Lilac, which I blogged about here.

I chose this color because it reflected the smoky soft lavender of Lavender Gold.

More "oomph" as it were and to me, it's a success. Two coats.

I found this at the Dollar Tree a few years ago and am sorry I haven't blogged it sooner!

Beautiful to me, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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