Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Love Nail Blogs

Yesterday I spent about 3 hours going over my Blog-o-rama blogroll list.

A few things popped out.

First, I noticed that the Blogger Reader doesn't seem to catch me up the way it used to. Some bloggers are prolific, some on hiatus and some post less frequently. I often go down my list randomly to read what is up. It seems to be the best way to catch up, for me. I have alphabetized them, but I might go back to recent posts, too.

Secondly, I had to delete over 10 blogs that were gone. So sad when a blog dies. If you quit a blog - and we all have a real life so I can completely understanding moving on - keep those gorgeous post and pix up! It's your work!
Some went to domain names and died out, some pulled their blogs completely and some went private.
I can see refocussing a blog, too, but I miss some of the work that was put out there. It bums me.
This is the danger with the transitory nature of putting it out there on pixels. While there is the "Way Back Machine", it's still nice to read older blogs and get the "fresh take" on older collections.

Third, it's neat to see people's take on blogging. I see many bloggers migrating to Tumbler, Pinterest, and Instagram, others changing do more makeup and style oriented blogs, some throw some amazing technology at a blog.  I also am not a Facebook person (though I know it's changing the face of social media, and becoming a juggernaut) so it's nice to see a blog. The epistolary nature of a blog is something I do enjoy. For me it's pictures, true, but not just pictures.

Fourth, there it's really cool to see how many blogs that have popped up over the last three years I've been blogging (ok, nearly three). I remember about 7-10 blogs I read like a religion, then I thought I'd try. Now there are so many.
Because there are so many, it's refreshing to see so much information. Several of my favorite blogs are gone now, fresh blog is always necessary.

Finally, blogging feels more less competitive than it used to be. I feel that suddenly there are a whole lot less give-aways than there were last year or so, it was a frenzy all over the place. Now it seems to have settled down a bit.

Some come, some go, same with people who read blogs, and it's just the nature of the interwebz.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. if you have a nail blog and don't see it listed in the Blog-o-rama list, let me know, post a comment with a link!



  1. I agree with a lot of that. I've only been around for a year and a half but I've noticed the same things as you and I'm actually guilty of posting far less often and also somewhat changing the direction of my blog since discovering soak off gels. However my original inspiration was to share my ideas and nail art and give back to everyone that has inspired me so I won't ever be taking mine down. Honestly we are now so over-saturated with nail blogs that for the most part I just look at all the pretty pics rather than read them. Really I find the only posts ever worth reading come from the old guard anyways lol ;)

  2. Well said!
    Besides, your blog name is so great!

    I do like old and new guard, though. :D

  3. Please add mine if you'd like! www.fingerspolishmania.com

  4. Soulmate! :-)
    I love sharing pictures, but I need words, too! Keep it going!

    1. Thank you!!!
      Love your beautiful blog! I will add it here, give me some days to get it done!


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