Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Layering Luxuriously

Personally I love those soft pink-infused blues.

Lapis of Luxury is in the category of Cashmere Cardigan by Orly and Modern Grace by Revlon, just  bit more lighter of a shade.

If there is something I can rely on, it's Essie holding its own with some of my favorite polishes.

Here is Lapis of Luxury:

A soft, delightful blue. Three coats, easy to use. I didn't do cleanup and probably should have.

Next, I pulled out a pair of flakie polishes:

Hidden Treasure by Sally Hansen and Petites Dare.
Many dupes of Hidden Treasure, have no fear. Plus, I found some recently on eBay through a UK seller, No apologies for backup, here.

Petites is a soft blue jelly base, perhaps pushing the edge of royal blue with a blue flake scattered in the mix. It's a smaller flake, too.

Here is the result!

I admit that the way Hidden Treasure suddenly turns pink just captivates me! Beneath you can see the blue flake subtly gleaming.

Two coats each.

It feels like an opal!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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