Sunday, June 3, 2012

Got My Bases Covered

I don't wear super pale polishes very often, but they are a staple for either frankening or just wearing as lingerie under sheers.

I'm going through a number of white/ivory/nude shades. Hopefully I can get through some of these and work on more stuff.

I admit I bought a lot of dupes, I don't mind, but it takes up a lot of room when I do this. Naughty!

Ok, onward!

Cover Girl White Night
Wow. Two coats, and a perfect base. CG is no longer available. I hate - with a passion - WnW French White Creme, so I got rid of it, but this is actually a white I'd love to use for stamping things onto, base layering etc.  It's not a bright white, but I love it.

Maybelline French Tip
Streaking and not the greatest coverage. Blah.

Diamond Cosmetics White Shimmer.
This is a soft, translucent polish with a shimmer. Sadly it has that same smell as Kleancolor - aka Stank - and it is off the love list for that reason alone. I never have this problem with other DC polishes. It's odd.

Typo! Gah!

Borghese Blanco.
Not bad, not great. Three coats? Bright. Borghese asks $8 retail for polishes that usually have slacker pigmentation. This is no surprise. Might be a workhorse under neons, however!

OPI Time-less is More
Perhaps a holy grail white jelly? Formula killed with ease of use. No complaints here.
I want to say, too that it is exceptionally flattering and not so stark. Glossy.  Love.

Sally Hansen French Tip
More of a blush than a white, and blends on over to the ivories I will do next. Not bad, but not thrilling. Needed more coats for coverage, three, and even then did seem to be bumpy and chunky.
Old Sally bottle, I have such a weakness for these.

Borghese Principessa Ivory
A soft beige, three coats, fair coverage. Nice neutral falling in the "Office OK" category. You can see my orange stained nail bed near the top of this, though. So, it's semi-sheer, but not in the jelly realm.

Borghese Cannoli Cream
I think this is even more sheer and somewhat more pink. That orange sticking through is my stained nails from a really red polish.
Two things, really, I need to find out how to un-stain my nails and I can't really call a sheer a base. Might make a franken base, I wouldn't mind a sheer something else, but this is no dice for me.

Color Club Coastal Creme
Soft, creamy beige that covers in three coats. I didn't use a ridge filler, so that's going to give me up on that front, but coverage is great. It's similar to Principessa Ivory, but with a bit more brightness and coverage.

More bases coming soon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I love this post! I've never thought to compare my basics like black and white - and I have so many of them.

    1. Thank you!
      I know! I have so many, I needed to just sort it out!


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