Friday, May 25, 2012

OPI's Petit Four

I have to say I love small collections. I think it means that they are nicely edited and you don't get so many random colors.

OPI's Miss Universe collection is a 100% win.

I love every color.

It's from summer 2011, but I finally got around to swatching it. Yay!

It's My Year

A red purple filled with golden glass fleck in a jelly base that isn't too pink or too red. Just right.
Three coats and easy to use.
It's a little translucent, but I think that's the nature of the jelly. Did I mention it was loaded with glass fleck? I think packed is a good phrase, too!

There's a dupe in the Orly Mineral FX line, can't recall the name, though.

Crown Me Already

A dense glitter loaded with small, medium and large silver glitter. Amazing bling factor. Three coats and it's covering well.

From large disco- mirror hexes, to smaller pieces, this polish just works the room like it owns it. Masterful!

Congeniality Is My Middle Name

Whenever I hear a polish called "cherry" I think to myself, "Have these people seen a real cherry???" In fact this is a deep dark cherry loaded with lavender glass fleck shimmer.
Perhaps because our hot weather has vanished like a dream and I long for cherry season, I think of cherries, but truly it is that deep dark heart of a great bing cherry. Sigh.
The formula is a great one, I did do some minor cleanup.

The thing about the fleck is that it does sink to the bottom over time. I've had this set for about a year - untried(!) - and I needed to really roll the mixing balls around a lot to get the fleck back into the mix. Still, it's a love story. Out in the sun it flashes all the shimmer of the glass fleck, too.

My photos don't really capture the flash that this polish is able to impart when the sun shines. All my photos are under lamps.

Swimsuit...Nailed It!

The name reminds me how language and culture goes from being part of a smaller cultural norm and suddenly it is so mainstream you barely realize that it's normal.
Kind of great in a way.

A beautiful blue foil. I love foils and this is no exception.

Three coats, I believe, perhaps two but I threw on a third because I am prone to three coats by habit.

Finally I did a little comparison to Orly Stone Cold:

Yup. Typo Acres!

Very similar, but then again, notsomuch.

I believe I had about the same number of coats.

Stone Cold is deeper blue and has some lighter glass fleck running through it, so it really is quite a different animal.
I love them both.

I sometimes underestimate OPI with the hype that surrounds many of the larger collections, I tend to get let down, but this one is so fabulous I can't help but gush. Formula works, colors startle and excite my imagination and the wear was very nice.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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