Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Golden Days

Well, I have to admit this has been a bigger gap in posting than I planned. Many excuses could be foisted upon you, gentle reader, but why waste your time?

Let's get on with the polish!!

Nars nail polish doesn't populate my collection much, not sure why, though I will say that I find that I'm not buying as much drug store polish and focussing on things I really want instead. Nars is on that list!

Versailles isn't on the Nars site, but I purchased my little tester on eBay. I didn't know it was a tester, so it also was a "live and learn" moment, too.

You can see that it's a soft gold that is very understated. Three coats here and it can show brushstrokes.

It's a soft, gentle gold that almost looks like a creme in some lights then in others is shot through with a wild shimmer that kicks it up a notch.

In the photo above it hints at the shimmer that is lurking in this polish.

I think it's a fave because it reminds me of those soft golden colors in Fragonard paintings. I think it is subtle, not an "in your face" gold, which is a nice thing.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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