Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gold and Pink

Milani Photo Flash is part of their "Flash" line of lip glosses and nail polishes. I just checked and you can still get these on Cherry Culture, as I write this.

Here is Photo Flash:

Here are three coats and no top coat. It is a magenta leaning deep pink red with glass fleck of the same shade of flecks.
Pretty and easy to use. Some nail line seen through, but I don't mind.

I then grabbed Essie Gold as it Gets from their 2011 holiday collection called Luxeffects. I bought them all, mainly because they are awesome, but because I couldn't talk myself out of any of them! :D

Nicely done, Essie!!!
Two coats and loaded with golden fleck.

I love this combination and I've been nursing a break with a teabag so I hope to get back into swatching pretty soon.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!

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