Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palette Cleansing on Paillette

Well, the greens are back in their Helmer drawers for a while and I'm launching into some comps and swatches that I really want to post soon.


I needed a moment of lucid Zen repose.

Lilac Silver by Maybelline is an older photo I didn't post before the greens began and it now feels like a lesson in calm and relaxation.

I love the French names that Maybelline puts on the lids, too, Lilas Argente'.
Very nice.
Argente' reminds me of the sky and the moon and a summer night in which the moon is slow to cross the sky and the night reclines bathed in its light.

So, let's face it, frosty finishes get zero love unless they are released by big names like Illamasqua.
I say, to he** with that! Dammit!
Ok. So, let's also be Zen Aware, too. Frosties have such a funny way about themselves: luminous, but brushstroke-y, pearly, but a little bit lacking much iridescence found in real pearl nacre.

You can see the pale lilac in the bottom right corner of the bottle, which never articulates itself on the nail, so it's not really got that oomph.

An advantage of some frosties, like this one, is that it's pretty dense, meaning the pigment and filler and what not are so finely ground that it can be used for stamping because there is a lot of coverage...two coats here by the way! (gee proof before publishing!) I really just want to put it out  there, I love looking at stamped nails and I really want to do it more!

So what to do?
I think I will file this one under reblog and contemplate adding some top coats. And stamping.

So that's my reboot.

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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