Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Not Really A Dupe

Or, am I?

I think everyone knows about the famous red OPI puts out called I'm Not Really a Waitress. I do not know which collection it originally was in, but it is available now, which, to be honest, is very refreshing. I know that I love limited editions as much as the next polish addict, but it really is kind of a drag when you buy into the hype and you kind of feel like it was more hype than anything else that drove you to purchase a polish.
I could speak on self-induced hype-itude, too. 'Nother topic, 'nother day!


I'm Really Not A Waitress

Classic deep red shimmer. This is two coats.
Very robust and reminds me of red velvet.
No complaints about formula, this is a swatch, so I can't speak to wear, it seems to have a life of its own. I't been in the media, it's been goofed on a blog, it's also known in the realm of non-nail-polish-folk. What is not to love?

I can't find much to fault here. A classic, vibrant red that flatters all skin tones.

Could it be much better? Well, it could. There are some tiny flecks that show up, too.

Well, I imagine every single line has their version, it's a neutral and a staple (red is a lovely neutral in winter, I tend to leave it for autumn and winter)

So, In my shopping I've accidentally picked up some "spares".

WetnWild Jezebel

A wee bit more bright, but very similar is WetnWild Jezebel. I think I must have already had the OPI when I ran across this in a drug store and somehow felt like I needed it. It's a bit more brushstroke prone and there is a lighter shimmer that shows through, too, making more bright. Plus, it seems to lack the depth of the OPI.
Two coats, again and not really self leveling as the OPI.

For a couple bux, what do I expect?

Sally Hansen Ru-by or Not To Be

Luminous and really very nice, is Sally Hansen's awkwardly puntastic red. I think of the three, the formula was pretty much the fussiest. Two coats, a bit brighter than the previous two.

I will say that it is quite a beautiful polish, though. Plus it's in the old SH Salon square bottles, which are pretty much my personal faves for polish.

As expected, a comparison:

It's a conundrum. These are similar, but different, in very slight ways, though.
I would say that the Jezebel is probably either relabeled by WnW and now under a new name or will show up under another name or extinct, the Sally is old bottle and not a current color.
So. Really. If you want this red, probably easiest to just get the OPI!
For those who see the nuanced differences between reds the way I do with greens and blues, I salute you!

Here are the bottles:

This, perhaps shows where they differ: WnW more pink, SH, brighter, and yet on the nail they are much closer.

Truth is, on some monitors you can see the differences, on others you can't, so I am quite sure that I probably only "need" one of the three....despite all my color machinations!
Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


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    2. Thank you so much! You are a doll!!
      (typo earlier!)

  2. Great comparison, but my favorite is i'm not a waitress because is darker and prettier... love it!

  3. I'm Not Really a Waitress is one OPI I've managed to avoid buying. :) I do have that SH, though--love those old square bottles.

  4. Not too mention Dell made computers in some of OPI's colors and this was one. It looks good on you though. You have really pretty nails :)

    1. You are so sweet!!!
      I remember that Dell/OPI thing!
      I think it's so classic!


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