Saturday, March 31, 2012

Odd Men Out

A trio of greens that finish up the month of March.

CQ Corduroy.
A soft grayed down green, that is very subtle and very understated. It is a blue leaning green, though, not a khaki. It reminds me of cactus skin.
Two coats, no worries!

Another dusty grayed green. Similar to CQ Corduroy in that aspect, however very much the yellow version of a dusty gray green.
Two coats, but not very self-leveling and seemed to show, despite being a creme, all the application. Very odd.
I wanted to love this polish a lot because I love Nicole by OPI in general, but I am kind of let down by it.
Don't know why, hmm.


Fairy Teal, but Sally Hansen. A two coater that is absolutely gorgeous! I threw it in because I have not worn this polish in a while, never blogged it and since it's so well known it would be a nice comparison to show how the other two look.

Two coats here, and a lovely formula. Not that "surprisingly quick dry" type of polish, but with a quick dry top coat, it's a winner!

Here is a comparison of all three.

The Fairy Teal is even more bright in real life, but you can see CQ Corduroy is a very grayed down version of that blue leaning green.
Green Up Your Act really shows that it's not self leveling and shows all the bumps, for some reason I could not get it to just play nice!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

And thanks for going along for this green ride!! I really love doing themes, perhaps another theme down the pike!

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