Friday, April 6, 2012

Let There Be Light

Finally got my three point lighting set up. I think it makes a bigger difference on filling the front, which has, to my eye, been missing.
A bulk of the time I am always in need of more light.

A mirror!

You can see that the wall is highly illuminated even though both of those lights are pointed away from it. I am super happy with this set-up because I can move my hand into the light and BAM! I've got the light I need.

Easy as pie.

The best part is I can move the mirror back and point the light down for working on my nails or my makeup in the morning. hehehe!

Here is Maybelline Silver Aluminum showing all it's glory under the better lighting apparatus!

You still get the two side lights, but you also have the front light filling in a bit more. Because the mirror is acting as a bounce, it's not quite as intense, which helps a lot.
One thing I will say, macro needs light.

As an aside: this is two coats of Maybelline Silver Aluminum, a Dollar Tree find, which is a bit of a frosty leaning foil silver. I'd call this a great base for layering or even stamping because it's pretty much on the cusp of wanting to try to be a chrome.
Chrome-y foil? or Foil-y chrome? Hmm.

Well, I know my goofy chit chat over finishes never helps. I will say this: If you want an inexpensive silver foil, Dollar Tree, Cosmetic Outlet or other places sell L.A.Colors pretty cheaply. If you like the finish of the Maybelline Aluminums, they are hither and yon on the Interwebz.
I would add, that formula-wise it dries decently.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

p.s. these are some older pre-green-for-march manis, hence the shorter nails.


  1. That's a clever set-up! Actually, I am thinking of buying another lamp as well :)

  2. Interesting to see your setup--thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you!
      Your photos are always an inspiration!

  3. That setup, and the polish, looks great. :)

  4. A mirror! What a great idea! I agree - the quest for better lighting seems like a never ending venture :)


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