Saturday, April 7, 2012

Iron Red

Right now I'm catching up on a few "pre-green" posts.

Perhaps the most coveted, for me of the L.A. Girls Polishes in a while. I'd seen this on Scrangie awhile ago and felt like I needed it.

It isn't the first Scrangie-inspired lemming and wont' be the last.

Though I will say my photo cries "reblog!" It is a cherry leaning red with a metallic finish.

It's a metallic that has small shimmers of silver running though it. Quite amazing.
Very luminous and two coats here.
Though, if you don't like brush strokes or some bubbling, it may not be your speed. In the meantime, I do love this polish.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. If LA Girl were carried in stores around here, I'm sure I'd have tons of them. This is a really interesting red.

    1. It's true, hard to find!
      Discountcosmetic outlet online has them, cheaper than L.A.G and Cherry Culture.
      Hey, am I an enabler or what?

  2. Not a big fan of red, but this is a lovely one. The metallic finish is awesome.


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