Monday, April 9, 2012

A Parfait and a Pearl

I love CND nail polish. For a start, they take layering seriously. I love layering and I love that there are specific polishes designed for just such a purpose.
Job well done!

I have on Raspberry Parfait  - a creme - and Pink Wishes Pearl. The latter came in a set I purchased from Transdesign, the former I received from CND to swatch.

The Effects line currently comes in three categories: Pearls, Shimmer and Sparkle. I confess I love Sparkle all the way.

But I love Pearl for it's subtle nuance:

The blue flash is always a great pleasure. Add a pink/lavender to the mix and I am happy with a layering polish that is all that!

I also like the CND cremes, easy to work with and decent coverage.

I will say that previous to this I wore the Pink Wishes pink from the set and it was a four coater and a little but of a pain to get coverage, but, when I added the Pink Wishes Pearl, I was fine with all the effort. I even received a complement on my pink nails! I always get compliments on colors that I never expect to even get attention!

I will swatch that set and post it, soon. Very springtime, etc.

But, back to Raspberry Parfait.
This is a pretty combo and I love this shade of pink on my skintone, too.

Bottle shot!

The Pink Pearl effects polish is similar to the Sally Hansen Opals, very pretty alone, but over a darker color reveals much gorgeousness.

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