Friday, April 27, 2012

Color Club Back to Boho - Pt 2

More of Color Club's Autumn 2011 Back to Boho can be seen here.

Now for Part 2, which is an interesting mixed bag of finishes. All are sans topcoat.

Boho Mojo

A frost that has the finish like the inside of a shell, beige/mushroom-y color.
Four coats.
Even after I thought it was dry you can see I rubbed something. I really have to admit I have mixed feelings.
I think it's a pearl finish, but it's frosty as a crisp autumn morn.
Perhaaaaaaaps more like a tarnished silver of a gypsy's scarf, but not a true silver or platinum. (do people even know what platinum is? It's a white metal, non-reactive so doesn't tarnish like silver)

Still, four coats, and the nail line can be seen in the center nail, so I'm kind of wondering if five was the magic number.

Voodoo You Do

Three coats here of a pale teal leaning smokey metallic. I think in real life it's less gunmetal and more green, but a bit brushstroke-y and a bit frosty.
More metallic, where Boho Mojo is more pearl.

Rebel Spirit

Rebel Spirit, a deep coffee jelly. Three coats, glossy as all get out.
Nothing like it in my collection, so it's a nice addition.
Reminds me of a Turkish coffee I had in London.
Pretty much black in most lighting, except sunshine.


Navy jelly that is three coats and pretty nice! This is a little blown out, I'm not that pale! But it shows the blue. It might as well be black. I love it, though, nice formula!

Artsy Crafty

I've seen this polish described as a hunter green, but it's not that clean deep crisp green, more muted and a bit what I'd call dusty or grayed down. Somewhat more bright than my photo, it's definitely a surprise because it's a different green for me. Not really khaki and not a bright '80's hunter green.
Three coats.

Nouveau Vintage

A favorite of mine out of all of this collection.
It's a glass fleck shimmer with gold and red pieces in a plummy red base.
Three coats, no topcoat.
Reminds me of Sally Hansen Tough Frost, seen here.

Sort of like "old school" shimmer versus "new school", one being smaller, finer particles and this larger, glass fleck/metallic.

I think it also has an OPI Warm and Fozzie thing going on, too. A comp feels like it's coming down the road... ;D

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading my nail journal!

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