Thursday, March 8, 2012

Take Me To Your Chateau

Orly's Chateau, no less!

As dark as you can imagine, a pine-y green blue that is quite an amazing shade.

I think it's been largely overlooked in the collection that it originated in, Orly's Holiday 2011. It was filled with a pair of glassy particle shimmer purples and Androgynie. This one, though is very dark, but not impossibly dark.

If you like a vamp, this is a gorgeous vamp.

Here it is under the lamps a little bit brighter to show the shade off a bit better.

Pine-y goodness!!!

Orly's formula was quite easy to apply and though I did use three coats, I had few issues with it (mainly my own application). I didn't do clean-up and I confess that a dark color does show up my squirrel-y application, a lot!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. i just picked this up last week on clearance at sallys, not knowing the shade i thought it was black, was pleasantly surprised when i realized it was a super dark dark teal! so pretty!

  2. It is gorgeous!!
    I think it also could be used to franken a gorgeous pastel.


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