Monday, March 12, 2012


Well, New York Summer, that is!

I have to admit the only reason I purchased Summer Amaranth was to try to franken Nars Zulu. Now that I have a bottle of Nars Zulu, I kind of feel like I should just wear it and enjoy it!

It is a jelly, so it has that boiled sweets, or hard candy look about it. It is very glossy, here it is without a top coat. Nice!!
I will say here and now I absolutely need to do an anti-stain procedure on my nails: it totally is affectint the way this polish looks, I think you can see the pinkie nail is the best because it's less stained, but the other fingers do drag it down into a darker,  muddy green, when in fact it is a bright, clear green. Almost a kelly, but not really.

I love this polish, it's highly affordable, and now that Zulu is out, it's easily found at the etailers that carry it.

I am planning on getting a couple more of that brand, the formula is pretty easy to work with.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I just got this on Monday- I really like the color, and I think it's my first green jelly! Can't wait to do a jelly sandwich with it.

    1. It is a great green!
      If you love jellies, SC Last Chance can easily be mixed with clear to get a great jelly. I blogged it a little bit ago.

  2. Hi Johanna! :)

    I found your blog after Google-ing this particular color (btw, really enjoying your other posts as well ;o) ) I was wondering if you could tell me some e-tailers that carry this color or the NYC Summer brand period...I've read that they have some really nice "jelly" colors. Thanks!

    - Jenn

    1. Hi!

      Thanks for stopping by!!!

      I know that Transdesign is where I purchased mine. I've seen it on eBay and I believe it might be on Amazon.
      I should have mentioned that! Doh!

      I also suggest thinking about making your own!



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