Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lowering the Bar

Dive Bar.

A place that is so nasty that it's supposed to be cool.


When this polish came out I was on it like a flea on a lazy hound.

It has, in the bottle, a gorgeous green, aqua, and purple shift.

This is under lamps, so I think it's kind of a let down for me. Which is a real bummer because in my frenzy to make sure I didn't miss it, I sure did buy a back up bottle, which was probably unwise.

I think, to its credit, under sunlight, it should be quite the fabulous polish, but sun has been unavailable.

It reminds me of a Sally Hansen duochrome, perhaps Rainbow Presents, but without the green/amber shift.

The formula, however, does have a greatness about it: easy to work with, dries easily and wears nicely. My nails are now always under a bit of duress with handling things and so I am really seeing what polishes hold up against it.

I originally pulled this out thinking it might be similar to OPI Glacier Bay Blues, but it's nothing like it. At all.

A little dark, and perhaps a little less wow than I'd hoped, but Essie's formula is always a win.

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  1. I guess I should be glad I hadn't picked this one up yet. It was on my wish list, but instead I'm just disappointed.

  2. Yeah, I think there are a number of duochromes that are just much more fabo.
    Perhaps in the sunshine it will redeem itself

  3. I actually just finally bought this one on the weekend and was disappointed as well. I did a quick swatch on a nail wheel and was surprised by the black base. I haven't done a comparison yet but it seemed to be really close to NOPI's Too Rich For You. Such a bummer this one...

  4. You know you have a point!
    I noticed that it is the similar animal, though w/a shift.

    Here is the NOPI Too Rich For You and SinfulColors' dupe:


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