Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Seeing Green?

L.A. Girl Deep Sea Mica is a hard polish to photograph.

I swear I think I'm in an alternative universe when I see this photo. I swear on a stack of bottles of acetone that this is actually a much more green polish. It is a teal-y kind of green, with some green flash going on. My camera would not see it any other way.

So this is sort of the exception to the greens, but it is a beauty of a polish. Three coats, very metallic, but not chrome.

Here's the bottle:

Am I drifting away from green? Like a leaf in a gust of wind, I go where my eye takes me, though my camera may not follow.

Meanwhile, three coats, easy to work with formula and pretty good dry time, though not one of those "wow, it's already dry?" kind of polishes.

I find mine at Discount Cosmetic Outlet's website, a sort of online Dollar Tree, that appears to have them cheaper than Cherry Culture and L.A. Girl's website.

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!


  1. It *is* a tough one to photograph! I wore it a little while ago. Such a gorgeous teal!

  2. Whatever color it is, it looks pretty!


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