Friday, February 17, 2012

Silver Foil Dupes

Spring has been toying with us here, some days the sun is out, then it's a chance of snow, then rain. I don't feel the urge to crack out the springtime colors yet, but it's coming.

I have been wanting to do this comparison for a while. Silver foils:

From left to right:
Zoya - about $3.50 from a sale
L.A. Colors - $1, Dollar Tree
Diamond Cosmetics - $2
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - $2.99

I've accumulated these over time, not thinking much about whether I already have it, etc. I kind of feel like this is a case of "get yer bunz onto yer data base, woman!!"

I realize that it's really a matter of performance. Quality over quantity, per se. To coin a phrase, to trot out a hackneyed phrase.

Moving on to the comp!

Same order.

The best of the lot? Hard to say, each are different in some way or another. All are two coats, which I really think I'm growing to enjoy versus, say, three coats.

For me, though, the Zoya is the hands down winner in three categories: coverage, shine, and texture.
For two coats of work, it's got a glistening shine with a smooth texture, but nothing to suggest a shimmer or frost. Pure foil love!

L.A. Colors, though, is a contender, surprisingly! Good coverage and somewhat smoother texture than the Sally Hansen.

Sally's Xtreme Wear has been my Holy Grail silver flashy foil for a while now. So much so, that I have a back up bottle. I realize now that it's got quite a bit of texture. It wears well, but isn't as bright as the Zoya Trixie because of the texture, I admit, this bugs me, but it may not be any big difference to you, plus, SH Xtreme Wear is so easy to find.

Unfortunately in last place falls the Diamond Cosmetics. It was in the first batch of DC I'd ordered and so it has the older bottle design. All of the others are two coats, there is some patchiness that might be helped by a third coat, but the fact that it showed balding in two coats, kind of bugged me.

This shows how close they really are, in fact, so perhaps it's just my own preferences. It also shows the texture of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, too.

I will add that I've worn the Zoya Trixie a few time before this comparison and feel that for some reason - basecoats, topcoats, shaman witch doctors - it didn't chip off. So that helps boost it on up the ladder!

In a pinch, the L.A. Colors polish is quite a win, too. Who can beat a dollar? I have to say that I am impressed with these polishes, a lot more than I expected!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!!


  1. The L.A. Colors silver is named Live. The package I got had the name but it is not on the bottle. I love it so much I bought a second bottle since I have used it so often.

  2. Thank you for the comparison! This is great :)

  3. The only silver foil I have is the LA Colors and I also have a backup. I love it so much that I just don't need any others, and like you said, you can't beat it at just a dollar anyway!


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