Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gray by Gray Layering

Have I blogged about Gray by Gray by Sally Hansen?

A Complete Salon Formula that touts to have "5 Steps in 1 Bottle: Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color and Top Coat". NO pressure there, Sally! 
Personally, I can't imagine how mixing all that business into one bottle gives you a success. It's like shampoo and conditioner combined! It's like peanut butter and jelly in one jar! No, I say! You need a base coat to at least try to protect your nails from staining. You need a top coat to protect your polish. The rest, sure, throw it in.

Ok, anyhow, excuse the diatribe, let's get down to the polish!

Gray by Gray. Well, it really isn't gray at all, is it?

It's really more of a petrol blue. At times it really feels like a gray, but here, in the cloudy light of day, it pulls blue/gray with an implication of greenish blue.
What is not to love, I ask you?

I then added a coat of WetnWild Rock Solid Pretty In Pink Diamonds. 

In the bottle it looks orange/coral pink with these glassy flecks of golden goodness. Fortunately the base is jelly and vanishes leaving the golden sheen. Found at Ross and becoming my hot number one layering device, I have a few bottles and rue the day I run out. I have eBay on speed dial for this one. I do have some iterations - Princessa's, Picking On Waikiki is a cousin - and think that China Glaze's White Cap would do great in the same job.

Suddenly Gray by Gray does indeed look very gray and the gold shimmer pops against it. I feel like it's the sun shimmering through the clouds after a stormy afternoon.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. ooh pretty, not seen this combo before, really like it. Slightly angelic

  2. I think Sally Hansen Salons are my favorite formula, but why do they have to be so expensive! I just shop the sales/clearance for them. This color is one of my favorites. I have a thing for these grayed out colors, although for sure this is more blue than gray and the name makes little sense. Oh well, that's nail polish for you. There are so many brands that have names that don't make sense, and Sally Hansen is infamous for it. (NYC too!)

  3. Sometimes I pick up the odd color on eBay when it's on sale.
    I never see the complete salon formula at Dollar Tree, but I figure they will show up eventually!

    Yeah, the names crack me up. I kind of like puns. ;D


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