Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dupe Alert: SC See You Soon and NOPI Too Rich For You

I think the Nicole OPI Gossip Girl Collection came out in 2010, but I purchased Too Rich For You on sale at Walgreens. Earlier I posted (cuticle alert on that post!) that Nicole...Spotted was a dupe of SinfulColors' Nail Junkie. I think that it's not hard to see that Sinful and Nicole by OPI have another dupe in the mix.

Here is Nicole by OPI Too Rich For You:

Next up is SinfulColors' See You Soon:

Both are in a smoky black base that is loaded with a deep peacock blue shimmer. Neither fails in the application department: three coats, good dry time and nice wear. I think NOPI was more sheer at the outset, but by coat three, it was fine.

Here is a comp:

Another case of "cover the titling with your hand and see of you can really tell the difference." (<=good gravy, get Strunk and White already!)
I feel like these were bottled from the same vat they are so similar.

I think a bottle shot tells the story on their similarity:

In the bottle there appears to be some sort of duochrome action on the SinfulColors See You Soon, but on the nail I could discern no diffference whatsoever. It could be the NOPI bottle that masks duochrome, though, so I am not 100% sure that it's not there. Some help, right?
I found my NOPI on sale, about the same price or less than SC, plus the Nicole is currently  - by Google Shopping standards - much more expensive than SinfulColors' offering.

I admit in the blue family I love that maritime/peacocky/tealy sort of blue as much as my blue/purpley periwinkles. What am I saying here? I don't mind having two bottles! ;D

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Thanks for the comp! I'm delighted to know of dupes to NOPI since I'd rather have just about any other bottle shape than theirs. :)


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