Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glitter MashUp Part 2: Blue

First the result:

A clear bright blue, scattered with darker blue.

The base is Claire's Blue Skies.
Here it is with no "lingerie."
It is a sheer  aqua blue jelly with holographic glitter both small and large as well as some iridescent/translucent glitter.

With a nude base that is a jelly but reduces the stains.

Definitely with lingerie or unstained nails this is gorgeous. I love it, but I confess I thought it would be more dense and when I grabbed it I thought it would be a thicker base. Still, very nice! I think it would be great over Orly Snowcone or another bright blue.

Next up, Sally Hansen Magnet. This is an oldie, as was 3-D, that was in a first Dollar Tree Supah Score. I kind of wish I'd hit another motherlode like that!!! Indeed, I look back now at the polishes I left hanging on the peg and kind of wonder why.

But I digress...

A bright cerulean blue jelly with silvery blue square glitter and hex holo glitter. Sheer, two coats here, it is born to layer.

Finally the Revlon glitter, Galaxy. Sparse, yes, but the dark blue really is kind of a cool thing.

Dark blue, with some silver and a bit of larger holo hex tossed into the mix.

I won't rehash the sparseness, but suffice to say, I feel that this could have more glitter per mL.

A recap of the mashup:

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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