Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glitter MashUp Part 3: Teal

Mashing them all together!
Throwing them on the floor and see what happens!

I tried to keep the bases fairly opaque, but I didn't pre-swatch some newer-to-me polishes.

Today, because of the snow, I had to walk to work. I had my Leki poles and was feeling pretty aerobic! Nice!

Here is the result:

I used Anise Fame and Fortune as the base. This is from a set I found at Rue 21.

Though it looks sugary, it is more of a silver glitter in a translucent frosty/metallic base.

Sally Hansen Sonar, three coats here. A delicious teal-y pine green. Full of holo and silver glitter. My favorite of the batch of these I found at Dollar Tree. I have to say, a really fabulous polish.

Cover Girl Anti-Freeze is a beautiful iridescent blue and green iridescent with some vaguely green jelly base. I love the density and didn't include it in my iridescent glitter comp for some reason due to organziational flaws...which have been rectified!

A recap:

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!

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