Monday, January 16, 2012

Glitter MashUp Part 1: Red

One day I was driving to the barn to work with my horse, back in the early 00's and I heard a story on NPR about musical mashups. It was out of London that this person was putting together tunes that didn't seem to fit, yet worked together very well.
Of course this is nothing new, at all, Jazz mashes tunes and rhythms together. Popular music has done it as well! Please rent Swingtime from your DVD rental place and listen how at the end of the movie Astaire and Rogers are mashing together two songs that don't really fit, to a perfect ending for the movie.

But how does that tie into nail polish? Frankly, I needed to jumpstart the blog and these seemed the best way to do it. Finally my feet are not killing me at the end of the day ad I am not moribund with exhaustion and pain and have a little energy to do, well, anything.

Enough about me, let's dive in.

First the results:

A little closer, please:

What are the components? 

Here is the base:
China Glaze Dynasty.
Part of the 50 Glitters and Shimmers released in spring of 2010, if memory serves, and are loaded with a huge variety of great glitters. I have many faves, and Dynasty is an unsung hero.

A gorgeous mashup in its own right: iridescent, holo, medium and small glitter packed into a cherry red base. Though I feel as though the "Dynasty" name implies that it is akin to a Geisha type of red. The photos I saw made it look a lot more warm than it really appears on my fingers. Hmm.
Three coats here, and a really good amount of coverage, too.
Have to say, it really is a completely underrated nail polish. Grab one and enjoy!

Next layer was an old stand by: Sally Hansen 3-D

Another jelly, more sheer with holo hexes and smaller silvery pink glitter. Two coats and pretty sheer, the jelly is a touch more warm, but packed with glitter. I believe the word "cranberry" kept running through my mind while I applied it.

Last is Revlon Slipper.

This is two coats I believe, though I think these are gorgeous in the bottle, it is a wee bit of a let down on the nail. Yes, there is that gorgeous red glitter and some silver interspersed, but the large hex glitters seemed rare as pearls in the wild, so I admit it was a bit of a bummer. The upside is that Revlon clearly intended these to be top coats because the finish is a high gloss shine. Total win on that score.
I recall these were paired with a creme polish, so the intention is to have a delicate smattering of glitter, not a glitter bath with a bit of base peeking through. Still the dark red is nice, even if the holo had to be eked out to get any sort of coverage.

Hope you enjoyed the mashup!
More to come!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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