Friday, December 16, 2011

On Mosaics and Facets

Revlon, I doff my hat to you, Sirs/Madams.

You are coming out with so many versions of upscale polishes it's keeping my head turning.

A couple of examples coming right up!

Facets of Fuchsia

Here is the breakdown from left to right

  • Two coats over WetnWild Black Creme
  • Three coats alone
  • One coat over WetnWild Black Creme
  • One coat alone

I think my favorite is a couple of coats over black, since the base is a black jelly that is somewhat sheer and a bit murky when you get to the last coat. I figured showing one coat alone would help illustrate the nature of the polish. It's a bit sparse, perhaps a healthier dose of large hex glitters would assist the smaller ones. Beautiful combination.
I think if you layer it over WetnWild's Purple Potion or China Glaze's Mummy May I, blogged here, you might have quite a combo!

Blue Mosaic

Same as above:

  • Two coats over China Glaze Adore
  • Three coats alone
  • One coat over China Glaze Adore
  • One coat alone

Excuse the lack of focus on my index finger on the left! 
Yes, quite the bomb over a chrome type of finish. 
With no base, even with three coats, it's a wee bit sparse. The main thing missing is more hex glitter! Ack! One coat gets a scant three hexes. 
I can't think of another polish that I have that would work as a co-glitter-conspirator, but any holo/silver would probably be pretty zingy. A kelly green as well. You can see the bottle looks tantalizingly full of kelly green hex glitter, but I wish there was more.

Alright, I will still say job well done, Revlon!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish glitter journal!


  1. I totally agree Revlon is killing it with their dupes lately.

  2. I know!!! I think I am falling back in love! ;D

  3. I loooove Revlon! They've become my favorite d/s brand! I mean, the colors are neat, the formula seems to be improving. But I appreciate so much how they're handling most of the LE releases. They're temporarily absorbing FoF and BM into the core collection under different names, and they brought back Perplex. Which means I will be able to get them!! *gasps of joy!*

  4. I know it's kind of cool that they are doing this. I was at KMart and saw a huge display with about half a dozen fantastic "knock off" colors.

    I was saving for my finger paint flakey haul, so I kind of passed on the legendary Whimsical. It's just not my kind of polish...eep! I know I will regret this!!!


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