Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift of Gold and a Cheap Knock Off?

Yes, I did manage to find OPI's Gift of Gold on Ebay before it became rather expensive.

What is it? A gorgeous burnished gold glitter with rich warm red glitter interspersed. This was from the Ulta 2010 Holi-daze collection. A top notch gold glitter that pleases me to no end.

Such a lovely shade of gold glitter!

I have three coats on and coverage is excellent. I also found it easy to use. The color is so rich it reminds me of 18 karat jewelry.  The accent glitter, I think, makes this polish particularly special.

So, what about this cheap knock off? Well, it's not a cheap knock off, but a polish that existed in my collection before the Ulta exclusive OPI came out: SinfulColor's All About You (I just realized that Sinful Colors is all one word! SinfulColors!!! This means I need to update all my tags!)

What is it? I really love this polish, too! It's a burnished gold glassy particle gold with orange/red glassy particles in a golden jelly base.

What is wonderful is that it's a similar color and concept, but not an opaque glitter. The finish is softer, more foil-like, and it is more transparent.

I have four coats here and it probably could use a couple more. Be aware, though that over the right yellow gold glitter, this could be great. I really think it's worth a side by side:

The similarities work to enhance All About You as a contender for a nice layering coat.

IF you want to spend $25-30 on eBay for Gift of Gold, great, but if you want the effect, find some inexpensive warm yellow glitter (Sinful's Paris comes to mind) and layer SinfulColor's All About You on it and you will have a strong similar effect.

Not dismissing Gift of Gold, it is a stellar polish. I can think of few golds that impart that jewelry feeling on my nails as much as this one. I used to live in Saudi and visiting the gold souk was always a pleasure!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. GoG is gorgeous, I (wait SinfulColors is all one word? I have no idea why, but that bothers me. I may have to stop buying Sinfuls lol.) anyway, I've had GoG on my list for ages. Too bad it shot up in price. Waahh. I guess it's simple enough to dupe. But planned obsolescence works too well. *sniffles*

  2. I know it is odd, but now I know! ;)

    I think GoG is hard to dupe because the glitter is so rich, but maybe the SC as a topcoat might help!

  3. You are welcome!!
    I think it's a neat polish, of course Gift of Gold is probably in a class by itself, hehe!!


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