Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glitter or Foil?

A while back, when I was having a masterful jones for Dazzled by Gold by OPI, I wanted to see if I could find something similar. I confess I have a lot of gold because of that search, but in the end I got DBG.
But. DBG isn't what this post is about. In fact, if you scroll down and expect to be seeing Dazzled by Gold, stop now, for I have the very opposite of it: a bottle of gold foil that is as beater as a Chevy Nova driven by 4 teenage sons as they ascend the driving age ladder, and just about as stinky.

Super Professional is the name. The number is 138. I found it on eBay from a seller out of China, I think the now much touted "Born Pretty Store."

Truth in packaging isn't quite the forte of Super Professional! The lid is a printing mishap, the bottle is a dead on dupe of OPI and the back even has "3 Free" printed on the back in what can only generously called a printing error. Open it up and the only thing I can say is that it's 3 FULL and perhaps even some other suspect solvents in the mix.

Oh, but that foil! Killlah!!! Three coats, not horrible dry time, but not what I'd call fast.

I love this stanky polish!!! Wickedly wonderful. 14 carats on my tips!

I have not run across this polish on eBay in a while, the closest thing I occasionally see that is similar in packaging is called "Dearlee", and even then not this color.

Now, it probably has a half life, but it also has a second life, that of a glittery topcoat!

Whaaaaaa???? So nice! All that yellow seems to vanish into a cool gold that is very neutral and quite a fantastic top coat.

Loveliness! This us why it's under the "month o' glitters"!

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