Tuesday, December 20, 2011


China Glaze Luna.

Yes, the perfect union of a sheer metallic - previously thought of as impossible in my book - and large holo glitters.


I have a mixed bag of lighting, trying to show how this polish lays it down, but perhaps it's easier to say that there is no topcoat and it is what it is.

Though it doesn't show up well in these photos, it is a pale blue metallic with a medium sized holo round glitter and some smaller silver glitter mixed in. Even without a topcoat, it really shines!

There is quite a bit of texture, which is a bit of a bummer, and while I will say that the first coat is probably hidden, so it feels like a waste. Also it dented a bit, too. I only see that in the editing, so I am guessing it has a little longer to dry than even I thought.

The next day I had a cloudy day, but wanted to show how actually translucent the base is:

Quite nice. Even what looks like a lump did catch some light and impart glitter. That is the fun part of this polish.

I reswatched it using Maybelline's Silver Aluminum as "lingerie" and used two coats of Luna.

I think I like it this way best: less texture, but perhaps the fullest effect of the glitter without losing out on all that lovely holo glitter on a first coat. I feel like a topcoat would smooth it down and it would be fantastic for a New Year's Eve event.

Of all 50 of the China Glaze Glitters, this one is very unique. I recommend one or two coats over a metallic silver base, more satisfaction!

Thanks for reading my glitter nail polish journal!


  1. Shiny and sparkly, always a good combination! I did glitters on my blog post today, too, and now I'm going to go pick something shiny out to paint my nails with~

  2. So pretty! After seeing just the first photo, I had to stop reading and go check my spreadsheet to make sure I had this one--otherwise it was going on the wish list. :)

  3. Yeah, I've had this one around for a while and I seem to slowly be acquiring the China Glaze Glitter collection, they all are so unique!

    It's really a fabulous polish!


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