Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

The more I swatch, the more I see connections. Sugarplum Yum is no exception. 

First a little background. Sugarplum Yum and Sugarplum Yum Top Coat were released by OPI in the Victorian Holiday Collection, but I don't know the year.

Sugarplum Yum is related to Orly Fantasea. No! YES!! It is a darker purple jelly base, not that warm sunset glow, but appears to have the same burnished bronzy pink shimmer.

I won't go down the "dupe" road, but they are cousins, it is the base which makes the difference.

Some pix of SPY alone:

This is three coats and I feel like it was rather sheer. Perhaps some lingerie in a blue leaning medium purple? It did bubble a tiny bit too.

Pretty gorgeous shimmer, indeed. Perhaps I need to do a comp over black to bring out the shimmer and compare them, file under reblog!

Here is the piece de resistance! The sugary glitter top coat!

Very sugary and tiny. Of course you can really see how sheer the SPY actually is, but the holo payoff of the topcoat is splendid.

Here is the bottle shot:

You can see how blue the base is, but the pink/bronze shimmer shows up very well.

I believe I found these on eBay, but really can't recall. It's been a while!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal! May sugar plums dance in your dreams!


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