Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glitter Vixen! Part 1

Here is the Color Club set that is a must have for your glitter basics. Hits all the great colors, works alone or layers beautifully, and is highly affordable, even if you buy the bottles at an etailer.

Many photos, so here goes.

First, some basics.

I did want to make this a little different than straight up glitter so I picked a base color that was similar and showed it as a layering polish.

Each one is one, perhaps two layers, but the glitter alone is three, perhaps four. Yeah, I went crazy. I know.
So, in each photo from left to right:
Index and Ring fingers have a base color with one or two coats
Middle and Pinkie fingers have the glitter alone, layered in about three coats.

Sexy Symbol

I call this a platinum silver: bright, white metal not just silver.

I used Sally Hansen's Celeb City as the base

As you can see the glitter alone has a bit more of a textural look, although I think over Celeb City it looks really quite beautiful, too.

What is the nature of this polish? Platinum white silver with normal and small sized glitter in a clear base. The beauty of all of these is the clear base, great for layering and leaving the base that you use to shine through.

Magic Attraction

Perhaps one of the most underrated holo glitters. 

I used OPI DS Coronation for this one, and I will say it really made little difference: Magic Attraction holds it's own!

Not much more to say here, holo tastiness in all it's glory. 

Sultry Diva

A gold with a real yellow feel to it. Not neutral and I fought lobster fingers and lost.

I used Diva gold as the base, it was the most similar gold. 

Ok, that's part one! I had to break it up because it is just so photo heavy! :D

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Nice! It's great to see the nails with and without a base color side by side, so thank you for doing that! I've got these stashed in my closet - may need to wear at least one before the year is over...

  2. You will rock it out! I love them all!
    Can't wait to see you wear one!!


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