Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glitter Vixen! Part 2

Hello again!

First a little rehash:

I didn't want to make this a straight up glitter, so I picked some base colors that were similar and to show it as a layering polish.
Each of those is one or two coats. The glitter alone is 3-4, yes, a bit much. I will say it's not a super dense glitter, especially things like the blue and purple.

Each photo from left to right:
Index and Ring fingers have a base with glitter over it.
Middle and Pinkie fingers have glitter alone, layered in about three coats.

Let's get the party started!

Art of Seduction

A mix of small and regular size glitter. I used a base of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Perfect Cherry, found at Dollar Tree as a byproduct of being in a two pack with something else I wanted. Not bad, perfect red.

For some reason every photo showed a golden glimmer, like the polish had gold glitter, but it doesn't. The above photo shows the glitter better.

I also grabbed a shot of the polish without a topcoat:

You can see that it isn't a smooth finish, but not a hugely textured one, so one coat of a topcoat will take care of it. Still, wants to impart gold flashes, must be the glitter. Cool!

Sexy Siren

Blue, blue, blue.

This one seems to have more uniform glitter, although with the clear base in these, you can see a bit of patchiness.

I put it over Essie's Shelter Island, I realize I don't have a lot of cremes this shade. Hmmm...a metric shiteload of deep purples, but few bright, aqua/medium blues. Why? It's a universally flattering shade.

These look like they are multi-colored blues, but they play with the light, which is so nice.
Great glitter.

Object of Envy

Kelly green glitter!

I grabbed Sally Hansen's Green Going as the base here. Another great Kelly Green!

Such a foil-y glitter, too. Same concept: small and large.

Tru Passion

A light purple glitter, so I used Diamond Cosmetic's Pelican Peak Purple.

This one has a bit of holographic glitter mixed in, and it's pretty hard to see here, but on my ring finger you can see some other colors as well as on the index finger.
Another beautiful glitter! 
Not much more to say, this one was the same in a lot of my photos. I think, if you really want holo over your other glitters, use a topcoat like Cover Girl City Lights or China Glaze Fairy Dust to add that sparkle, I feel like it's hard to see it in this polish. Why they only added it to the purple, I don't know, though. Odd.

That's it! I have had this set for a while now, found it at Ross and really have wanted to swatch it for ages, finally getting it done! All of the glitters are wonderful, I personally love the clear base to let a base you are layering it over come through.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Some of these are in the Studio M core line (with the same names, even), but not the green or red, so I had to buy those in Color Club. :)

  2. I love these! My favorite is Object of Envy, I can't ever have enough green glitter.

  3. I'm not terribly crazy about glitter, but you make these look nice.. I passed them by because I thought they were hungry, but now I'll have to go back.


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