Monday, December 5, 2011

Doubled Glitter and Lighting Ramble

In keeping with my propensity to find dupe-ish polishes as well as throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks, here is a combo:

I love blue glitter, it's a treat when it's mixed into things, too. This is a pair of polishes are very similar, except they are different sizes. Maybelline is the larger glitter, Naturistics is the smaller glitter.

Naturistics Starlight was found on eBay, it's more of a light gray base and a silvery/green/gold/blue/red. Maybelline is a Ross find and has the blue, silver, gold, green and red.

Two coats each because the coverage is a little sparse.

The base is three coats of a Markwin no name shimmer, which is pretty easy to use, a no brainer kind of base. I used it for the iridescent comp, too.

Here is my current lighting set up...

Yes, that's a paper plate. It does help bounce light. My main issue is that a light box diffuses what light that comes through and I don't seem to have the wattage to kick through that, so this is what I am using.
I am not sure why I posted it. Kind of keeping track of how I am doing lighting so as I figure it out, I can improve.  The light on the left is a single bulb Ott light. The one on the right is a super cheap Home Depot light that has a built in diffuser. I tried to buy another, but for some reason instead of being $15 it's now $80. huh???
What you can't see is the parchment (cooking parchment, you know for those oddball recipes?) that makes a pretty nice bounce and background.
I am glad I'm not a complete perfectionist. If I were, I'd never get one single blog entry done, but I am realizing - finally - that macro is an unforgiving taskmaster, and I doff my hat to those bloggers who have mastered it.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


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