Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iridescent Iterations

The upside of organizing by color is that you see where your dupes are. And do I have some dupes here!

Iridescent Glitter! Four of them!

I am talking about glitter that is clear, but when the light hits it, it iridesces blues, reds, greens and ambers. I have Sinful Pearl Harbor, but it just iridesces blue and green. I did not include it in this batch.

The candidates are:

From left to right, with some general comments:

  • E.L.F. Twinkle - Heavy, need to continually thin, dries like matte, needs a topcoat. Dries pretty well. Need a lot of coats to get decent coverage. Everything is about three coats.
  • Cover Girl Crystal Mist - A very pale green base, very pale, with a more uniform glitter. Somewhat scant glitter, too. Dries pretty glossy.
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball - Some smaller pieces. Dries well, but seems a little satin-like, but there is texture with the glitter when it dries so you need a couple of top coats or a thick one.
  • Color Club Si Vous Please - Larger and smaller pieces, great two coat coverage, dries pretty well, a bit like satin and some texture.

More pictures! All bases three coats, all have a topcoat and some are more densely layered than others.

First over WetnWild's (perennial) one coat Black Creme

You can see on all of them, when over black, the range of colors, a veritable rainbow!  Disco Ball and Si Vous Please seem to be the outstanding pair: Si Vous Please for those tiny delicious glitters scattered in and Disco Ball for sheer coverage: both are two coats. E.L.F. is three and Crystal Mist is two.

New York Color 235, a Dollar Tree magenta

Same thing, dupe-o-rama!

Over Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strike-It-Rich Mauve Creme. Three coats, a dusty pink rose that screams 1987 from the top of Mt. Everest!

The nice thing about pastels - though I am personally flashing back to some awful office decor from a job I had back in "the day" - is that it often lets you see the translucent particles in an iridescent glitter. Disco Ball shows this up the best.
Note how thickly applied is the Twinkle polish! It looks like a puffy pillow!

Now for an unnamed red shimmer that came in a Markwin (WnW) set I found at Ross in 2009 or 2010.

You can see the texture of Disco Ball...even with a pretty healthy dose of thick quick dry, it still has a bit of shadowing from the glitter. I will say Crystal mist is a light dash of glitter which isn't bad.
But, look at Si Vous Please!! Glitter like a christmas tree! Nice!

Wrap up...
I recommend Color club above all, then Disco ball for sheer amount of glitter. I know that for a while Cover Girl pulled their nail polish - I found this for 75% off at Rite Aid - but then while I was at Kmart months later, I saw it again, so I really can't figure out what is what with that brand.
Twinkle? Pass. It needs so much, that your tips will look like you did your own acrylics followed by your own gel, but kept layering. Truly thick.

I love iridescent glitter, I know that Color Club's Pardon My French collection had a really beautiful set of three in the pack, so, I think I'm set!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal, s'il vous plait!!


  1. Si Vous Please really is the best of these, especially over that red. Just lovely. :)

  2. I have these polishes too! i just finished going through my stash too to see what dupes i have a least i know i dont need the ELF one... thanks for a great post

  3. I looove iridescent glitter! And now I need Pearl Harbor, that sounds awesome. Thanks for the comparison!

  4. It is great, also I think NK (nickashop) magical is also a blue green iris glitter, too!


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