Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sticking to Nic's Sticks

Yes, another one.

This is one I've wanted for a long time, when I saw it at Tuesday Morning I had to grab it.

It's been decanted and showed up as a demo in the Silver-ella Nic's Sticks entry:

It is a blue purple, that pulls so blue in photos that it is head-poundingly-difficult to get the actual purple!
I would say it looks most like that small region at the top of the bottle in the above photo.

Gorgeous color:

This is three coats and really not this bright or blue in real life at all. In general I have decent luck dealing with purple, but even tweaking in Photoship Elements gave nothing better, so I left it alone. Thank goodness for the "undo" button!
I felt that this was neither too sheer nor too runny. Unlike the green Nic's Stick which was sheer and bubbly, this was a charming little polish. Very tiny amount, but still worth having.

I recommend this if you can find it cheaply enough. I think if you can't, don't worry, I feel this isn't alone in the universe, I need to really delve into my purples with some more intensity and perhaps there is a dupe floating around.

I felt it dried well, and probably could have benefited from some clean up.

In the meantime, more coming up, I am still goofing around with a franken, trying to get some decent lighting for my last installment of the Sally Hansen Opals, and I'm really trying to get together another give away and some more stuff.

As a side note, I start a new job on the 28th. Permanent one, and one that will require conservative nail polish colors. This will mean that I will limit some colors to swatching. Though today I as I write this I am wearing a deep purple creme with a sheer green shimmer (if you want a super awesome franken polish, get L.A. Girls 262, now discontinued, and only at Discountcosmeticoutlet.com - not affiliate, only place I can find it and man, it's a green that is like a CND layering shimmer, but - can I say it? - better) and I know I will probably try to work on easing myself into some of the richer colors that I love.
In general I feel like I have the utmost respect for the "live" blogger, because I do best when I can get a few days ahead. In truth, it's like insurance against splitting nails (this month's woe!), broken nails, or just bad lighting! One example: I found China Glaze Lavender Lynx at a dusty during the summer. I finally cracked it open and tried it out. First off, it's gorgeous, second off, it has the fussiest formula I have ever used! It's a positive tenderfoot on the lone prairie wrt wear, shrinkage, drying and brushstrokes. Two attempts = no love. Absolutely killer gorgeous, changing from a grape purple to a brownish puce (yes, puce! my fave!), but not lending itself to a quicky evening manicure/photo session. This is why I like to have some wiggle room.

There you go. I wish I was fast as a bullet train with photo editing, but often I have to shoot in the evening and under my "half baked lighting set up" as it is, which is always teaching me how to get the most out of my camera and my skill set.
Good gravy. Such a ramble!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Pretty color! Congrats on your new job! On the other hand *grabs on to your ankle so you have to stay longer with us* I had to google puce but LL sounds awesome.

  2. Hey! Thank you!

    I will get that one reswatched and up soon.

    :D i am here to stay! I guess there is a reason I have 30 nude-ish colors! Ha. Ahem!!


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