Friday, November 11, 2011

Maddie "The Mozu's" Mauve, Franken Love

I love my dogs Maddie and Jemma and Lily.

In a three parter, I am dedicating frankens to them.

First: Maddie Mauve


More commonly known as Maddie, Maddiecakes, Mad-mad-Maddie, Mozu (though she's more of a Taoist), Mocake, MoBetterCake, well...I could go on.

Maddie's story

Maddie is a rescue pug. We had adopted Jemma through Orofino Humane Society and after a year of getting to know the lady who ran it, donating things like towels and saddle pads (perfect for cat cages after the cats have been spayed, and they launder like iron), dog food, horse blankets, you name it, we got to know the director. If you Google Earth Orofino, Idaho, you will find an isolated, rural town with an economy that relies on very little to keep it going. When rural poor think of dog breeding it's less AKC or improving the breed and more "hey pugs sell for $500 a puppy".

The director said she had a special case, a pug who needed a home.

Maddie, we think, was owned by someone who loved her, her dew claws were removed, she is not a wild thing, but very tuned into people. I think this person somehow never bothered to spay her, then passed her along to someone else. Perhaps a student moving on? An elderly person who needed to relocate? A family who ran into hard times? I try not to be judgmental, but I'd live in a tent before I'd give up my dogs, they are family. Somehow, though, Maddie went from being a pet to being a puppy mill dog. She might have been born out of one, but at one point, it wasn't her life.

Lesson here: spay or neuter, this helps prevent your dog from ever ending up like Maddie if you have to give up your pet.

The person who had her next was a rotten sort. This guy wanted a personal pug-making machine. Perhaps he would sell puppies to local pet stores, craigslist, or thrifty nickel ads. In any event, Maddie gave birth to as many litters as she could until she wouldn't "take" any more, and was left in his back yard in a crate. Oh, he didn't leave her to just starve, he left her out there in October and November where nights average in the 30's. He apparently moved to another house, but left her there in her crate, where he would come a few days a week and throw dog chow in her cage.

A neighbor realized that this "human" was slowly letting her die, and offered to take her in. She got Maddie to a the humane society. She was starving, had double ear infections, a UTI, and after they spayed her, learned she possibly had inguinal hernias from giving birth go big-headed pug puppies with no vet care, no cesarian (standard because humans have changed the breed into one who can't really do natural birth), and birthing a litter of puppies was probably little more than a hellish night of pain.

Maddie Comes Home

When she first arrived, she was a stick figure. Little thing who was so in shock about things she wasn't sure where to turn.
She also had, and still to a degree has, post traumatic stress over the pain she suffered: if you rub her hips or hindquarters, she will run in circles looking for puppies, crying out in anger and frustration, and a memory of pain.

Her body is a work in progress. Because of the starvation, she has some neurological damage to her hindquarters. Was it starvation? A random kick? I don't know. The GP vet, orthopedic vet and neurology vet can't say for sure.

Now the miracle of this is that she is a heart dog who is so enamored with me (why? I don't know!) that she follows me everywhere. My blog photo was shot in the car while she gazes into my face adoring me. How she has this capacity for love, after what human's did to her, amazes and astonishes me. To no ends. She is a little love junkie.

Maddie now lives a very comfortable life: hugs and kisses, many snuggles, coats for winter and plenty of food. She understands some "requests" (no one could be mean enough to "command" Maddie, she's far too sweet!). She gets massages and TTouch, too.

Here is the wonderful part: Maddie is not only a happy, loving and lovable dog, she is sweet to all people.

A lesson in forgiveness.

Here is Maddie Mauve

This is a franken from L.A. Girl Sheer Ecstasy. A closer look at the "before":

I added some black and navy and a bit of clear to make a backdrop for the pink/purple shimmer

It's a humble polish, but I knew that there was something special hidden inside of it.

A lot like Ol' Mo-cake. My Maddie.

Thanks for reading my little nail puggy journal!


  1. What a touching story. Good for you for taking her in. And a lovely franken, too. :)

  2. A beautiful telling of Maddie's history and a lovely franken!

  3. Some "people" make me so stabby. Good on that neighbor for passing Maddie to a safer place. And double good on you for giving her such a sweet ending! I love that franken. I'm nicknaming it Love Junkie. ;)


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