Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Glitter Announcement

Hey all....I decided to make December a month of glitter polishes!

I also will be hosting a little give away, open to all followers. So, keep watching!

In light of this I thought I would crack out a glitter I've had for a while.

Love My Nails Spellbound:

Love My Nails is a brand that is not in my local Walmart or drug stores, this particular polish, and another one with stars, came as a very nice RAOK box of polishes! I think it is a lovely combination of big hex holo and nifty teal hexes. There are some smaller glitters, too.
Perhaps the pale lavender doesn't build, but all the same not impossibly bad. The failing, though, is the density or glitter to base ratio: too low. Here I have three coats, and it doesn't seem to spread out evenly, much clumping.

Here is the bottle:

I kind of giggle at the tag line "For that deep wet look", who doesn't want that on their nails? I am not sure, but it reminds me of a car paint commercial.

OK, back to the polish....

Here it is over black:

The base shifts to a beautiful purple and you can see the glitter does impart a bit of texture here and there.

Over black, I think it's gotten a better thing going on. The green teal really pops out, which is so nice!

OK, so look for some glitters in December and some other odds and bobs in November. Wait, it is November. Man this month is flying by!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Love My Nails is at my local WalMart, but I haven't seen that shade (yet). I'll have to check that out because I like it!

  2. I received this in early 2010, and she was unloading a lot of polish. To pay it forward, do you want it? Email me an I will send it to you!

  3. oh my, this is so stunning! i havent seen this one before either

  4. I think it's older, the more I think about it. :D


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