Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Layering Fun and Excitement!

I love to see how stuff turns out when I layer it. I will say in advance I am trying to practice clean-up here and there, but as you will see, I might not be adding to the aesthetic of my nail, but well, making it wonky!

Here we go. Picture heavy but lots of stuff.

As a base I used Jordana's Hypnotizing:

A very dark purple that is knocking on the door of a warmer shade. Odd but interesting color.

Much lighter in the bottle:

Even though this is a little blown from the lighting, it's still pretty rich in the bottle and a tad less red, but still you don't think "vamp" when you see it.

I occasionally see these at Kmart, but I go there only once every three months or so, and they have a little display, but I never seem to pick them up. I might rethink this, because the formula was freaking amazing. No other way to put it! Yes three coats were comfortable, but two would do. Also, it dried pretty easily and seems to have an salon type of finish. Rich color and gorgeous gloss, sums up a win all around.

To the layering.
As I always say I have a lot of sheers and top coaty kind of things, so it is often a somewhat random way to get the party started.


Unnamed, in a 5 pack with another water with no shimmer, a gorgeous deep purple shimmer and a pale pink with a red shimmer, I've yet to see these again after that first time, but I am glad I got it. Though the pink drove me to distraction - still does I just tried it again the other day, not getting much love, self wetting at every coat and really splotchy - the rest seem to be shaping up into nice stuff.

I call this a blue shimmer in a pink water. It's not even close to being a jelly at all. But, the shimmer is quite beautiful.

Charmingly dense shimmer that loves the flash, and even shows up well under the regular lamps at the top in the bottle shot.
One coat, no complaints, easy to use. Though, I would say, impossible to find, unless you own this set and aren't sure what to do with it. Here's one thing!

Sally Hansen

On that same theme, I have from a small pack of Sally Hansen's a little sheer that has a blue shimmer but is in a plummy purple base, perhaps I'll go out on a limb and call it magenta.

I swatched it onto my thumb to show how strong the base comes through, but though sheer, I feel about three or four coats - pant pant - could make it a stand alone. I like it layered though, and I think in the future this would look hot over some magenta or hot pinks, etc.

A little clean up around the edges might enhance this one, I will say it.

Similar to the Princessa but slightly tilting more into the purple range, I think this is old Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, but I don't know the shade. Wouldn't it be funny if it were Grape Going? *Ponders her own obtuseness for a moment* I don't think so, but then again, I don't know. I think since this one is and Xtreme Wear versus Grape Going being a Quick Dri, I can toss that idea aside. OK. Besides Grape Going's base is more of a blue based purple not so magenta.


Elle Elle
Let's drop the shimmers for a moment and try some glitter:

That glassy particle glitter, rather than the larger glitter we all know and are familiar with in Elle Elle, aka LDL, #433.

I am including a bottle shot because if you do see these, you should grab them:

Three things that are plusses:
Rectangular bottle with that post modern edge
Delicious gauzy gold floating in a clearish base
Removable cap


This is one coat, perhaps two, but a simple glaze and some delicate gold seems to work. Not a heavy glitter.

L.A. Girl

L.A. Girl, A brand that keeps on giving!
Let me start by saying that I was on their website the other day and it appears that they have discontinued a lot of their cylindrical bottle polishes. Including the Orly Fantasea dupe, Enchanting. They do have it listed under their "Nudes" line, but I can't tell from the swatch if it is it or not.
Many of these can be found at, which is essentially an online Dollar Tree with not so "dollar-y" prices. They have a lot of the discontinued polishes. Some of their pricing on old Sally Hansen Chromes is worthy of the best eBay scalper. Why do I go on about this? Before it becomes a book report, lets see the pictures:

When cleanup goes tragically wrong! Yes the brush hooked upward and made this darling dent! Gah!

A gorgeous deep green shimmer. Pure green, leaning into the pine family, but never suggesting blue.

It is a shimmer particle, not a tiny glassy flake, and quite a gorgeous one!  

Two coats and the photos - hundreds of them - can't seem to capture it very well, except in flash. Gorgeous!
Personally I can't get enough of it.

What the heck is it??? It's L.A. Girl Metallic Green 262. No longer available and a totally perfect sheer that has a thin base of green that is so watery it would make a perfect franken ingredient or a great complement to the CND Color Effects collection you may have, don't have CND Color Effects? Get this baby. Same concept. Not sure if that was the original intent of this polish, but it's quite a nice discovery!

These old polishes are only $1.99 at Discount Cosmetics Outlet, so they are very close to the same price that they were on the old site. No, I am not affiliated, but I have made an order in the past and was happy with affordable shipping the polishes I got.

I kind of want to run around and try it out on about a dozen nail polishes! Greens, navy jelly, franken it with a few other things...well you get the drift. Nothing like finding a polish that is really fun to wear and goof around with!

Here is a bottle shot:

Nom, nom, nom!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Ooo, vereh-vereh nice! All of the combos, that is!

  2. The last two combos are my fave - and I have that Elle LDL glitter. The Jordana... I've never seen that one in person, and it's absolutely lovely! I hope I run into it sometime so I can snatch it up!

  3. Thanks!!!
    I know I saw it online somewhere, too!
    So many sites, I'm kind of flaking!


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