Monday, November 7, 2011

Curfew Variations

L'Oreal Breaking Curfew #380 was on sale about a year ago when L'Oreal discontinued their main nail polish line. Right now they bring out some seasonal collections, I recently reviewed their summer offering here.

I will say now that I adore this formula.

Let's do it:

A deep vamp plum, which has purple moments in the bottle but also feels burgundy. Refreshingly, it doesn't look brown, and it seems to hold out against turning completely black.

Three coats that did, I feel, need it. It dried pretty quickly for a non-quick-dry polish! Shine, well, you can see the warning label that is inside the lamp in the gloss. I could read the word "caution" when I was editing! Wow! Shine!!

Here is the bottle:

I feel like this is a bit light, although it shows how much like plums this color looks.

Perhaps above all, the fact that the finish is a jelly, really is so nice.

I tried a few things with it, too.

First I tried Barielle's Elle's Spell.

This is my only Barielle, I found it in a sale bin at Ulta on a fluke. It is similar to Hidden Treasure, but the flakies are smaller and it's in a red base that leans into the pink range, feels like pomegranate jelly.

This is two coats. I like it, it's very beautiful!

I then added some Elle Elle/LDL polish that is from an old 9 pack from Ross. Ross now carries a lot of WetnWild, Color Club, and other brands. No longer does it carry the LDL or my beloved Princessa by Richon. It's holiday season, so who knows what might float in on the retail waters.

This is a clear base, perhaps a little milky, with a cool gold glassy particle glitter. I really love this, so delicate.

It feels like mini-flakes over bigger flakes!

Also feels like a holiday manicure.

Finally I pulled out some Hidden Treasure. My beloved Hidden Treasure.

Two coats, delicious green flash and fire of red and orange.

Seems like I always get a thrill when I put it on. So nice!

Last, but not least, I put Breaking Curfew over a mini Sally Hansen Diamond Strength sheer from a small set that was at Ross. These are pretty old, and I couldn't even guess what the bottle is called in the full size, but it's a nice glassy shimmer that has been in the layering drawers for a while.
I didn't photograph it over BC because I felt it was a bit too much coverage, although not bad.
So, I used it as a base.

I pretty much reached the end of my lighting/camera/my capabilities. Here is a close up to show the effect:

That luminous shine pops from beneath the jelly. I believe this is two coats.

I think I love all of these layering attempts, but Hidden Treasure is sort of like showing up at the local rec center Halloween contest in your custom made Darth Vader costume and sweeping the field.

There you go!

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Elle's Spell - what a find! I love the layering you did :)

  2. So that's why I've never seen Loreal polishes in the wild before! I hate the growing LE trend. *kicks a rock* Lovely layering! Say, will you give a holler if you find LDL or Princessa again at Ross? & I'll do the same.

  3. Thank you GP!

    PGP Yes, absolutely! I really think that the Ross buyers only get a 7 pack in a blister that looks remarkably like the L.A. Colors polishes. As in "Identical"!
    I passed on one about 6 months ago in hopes the better colors would come down the pike, but so far no love!

  4. As smitten as I am with flakies, I like it best with Elle's Spell because you can still see the gorgeous jelly of the L'Oreal. Great layering ideas!


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