Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get Your Flapper On! Do The Charleston! Jazz It Up!

Yes, I am talking about Sally Hansen's Deco Frost.

An era that evokes modernism, breaking from the more earthbound Nouveau and just before the Streamline Modern kind of took over.

Three coats, luscious purple shimmer with cool frosty highlights:

You can see a bit of the silvery frosty affect in the bottle. Excuse the linty-ness on the index finger!!

A pretty cool color, found in that first heady discovery of Dollar Tree polishes that seems like I found the key to a trove of goodies, only to see it disappear!

Wow, look how I managed to go from design to pirates in one post! Meme-tastic!

Have a great day and thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I am angry with Sally right now, but that's really nice! And I would surely have made a good flapper. :P But no polish back then. Bah!

  2. Hey thanks!!

    Yes, they did have some colors, I know in the movie Caberet, Sally Bowles wore green nail polish! 1937, so late Deco, but still!

    Why so mad at Sally? :D

  3. Was there really green polish in 1937? That is AWESOME!

    And I am angry with Sally because she makes her LE stuff so hard to d, like HT and Mystic Lilac. I hate that her polishes usually dry so slowly. And because I have seen SH labels that say thin with acetone! Ok, I just added the last one to bolster my righteous indignation... because I am still seeing her on the down-low. ;D

  4. Yes, her formula is iffy, and she's whipping stuff out all the time, too!


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