Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dusty Love - Lavender Lynx

Down the hill from me, about 30 miles or so away, there is one nail polish shop that just relocated next to the Dollar Tree. I say relocated rather than opened brand new because the fixtures look old and they have a case of amazing oldies but goodies nail polish.

The first time I went in the fumes were bad, now that I've gone in more than once, I am a little more used to them.
Lots of red OPI, some odd ball China Glaze, but best of all, some old China Glazes.

Unfortunately at $7 a bottle it's hard to yell "score!", but she did give me a free bottle when I bought seven.

OK, so what is this?

Why, Lavender Lynx!

A smokey woodrose that leans really purple and lavender in some lights. Stunning, really. It is three coats here, pure shimmer in an ashy charcoal base.

It looks like I really didn't catch the mystery of the duochrome that shifts into a pretty light lavender at all. Bummer. I need to put this under: reswatch on a summer day!

A formula, though, that is old school chemistry and a whole lot of fussy when it comes to drying! Hated quick dry top coat, hated  my SH Chrome shine thingy, but was OK with the non-descript franken-bottle of leftover base/topcoats that I've used as a swatching base coat. Go figure! I think it's 3-free, too, which was even crazier!
SH made it bunch up and wrinkle, the quick dry made it shrink, like a dive into an icy lake!

Well, it's happy now, unfortunately this franken-bottle of base/topcoats is so useless that it chipped immediately. To the polish's defense, I wore this shrunk and wrinkled or a day or so before I took it off and it wore pretty normally: nothing stunning or dramatic - some tip wear - but didn't chip.

If you find this, I recommend it, the shift to the pretty purple-y lavender is a pleasure.

I hate to call it mauve, but it might be mauve-ish, too, but the shimmer that you see most of is quite lovely, and that color that has brown, purple, lavender, mauve and some warmth tying it all together.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think you called this puce once? What an amazing color for a rather weird sounding word. :p Thanks for sharing tho! This is lovely. It's like a happy cousin to Fantasea.


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