Sunday, October 9, 2011

Groove is in the Heart

I think my regional Dollar Trees have given up on old polish and settled into just carrying L.A. Colors.

Good and bad.

Good, because I can check them out with less frequency - on the off chance one on a regular route I take has retained a fairly large sized cosmetics section may actually have a find. Also good because I can focus more on polishes I really want.

Bad because there is only a handful of places to really find some old Maybelline, SH, L'Oreal and Colorama love and a lot of eBay means you are competing against resellers who are sharp as tacks (although there are a few who sell on other online venues, usually prices are high, fixed, and some are dubious!). Also bad because I am the worst on road trips now for wanting to stop at a Dollar Tree just to feed my jones! Nail Polish JOOONES!!!

In fact, since I find fewer and fewer old Maybellines and Sally Hansen's, I wonder if I just lucked out on some window of opportunity. I still regret a few, but many are pretty great.

In the land of layering, where I seem to reside, I sometimes like to school myself on particle size. Maybelline gave me a little taste!

I was out on the road, and swooped into a Dollar Tree. There were two Maybellines: both very similar, but different names. I thought they were some sort of re-labelling (like Diva Rock is also Blackened Maroon, or Diva Blues is Blackened Teal, etc), but no, in better light they were different. So, I bought them. Two dollars. If nothing else, they could be frankened. Great excuse, I used it a lot! :D

Here is the bottle comp:

I am feeling some retro dance house love here!

Well, well, well!!!

It boils down to particle size. Same color, but Yellow Rays is a shimmer and Gold Dee-light (I just love this name) is a fine glassy glitter particle.


Why does size matter? Particle-wise that is? I think the smaller it is, the more dense it is, the more coverage you have, therefore it will impart more color, even sheer color.

To wit:

This is over navy and you can see that Yellow Rays really shows up the gold and Gold Dee-light behaves more neutrally, or at least is neutralized by the cooler blue below.

I then put two layers of Gold Dee-light on my nails and about three coats of New York Color 223. NYC 223 is a Dollar Store score, too. I added a bit of clear to push it over the jelly edge as it was already challenged for coverage.

This really pushed the edges of my photography skills. You can see the glassy base pushing through, adding shimmer. I believe, now as I blog this, I sandwiched the layers to achieve coverage and shimmer.

I really enjoyed goofing around with this. One of my favorite jewelry affects if enameling, and I love that colored glass over metal.

Hope you enjoy my little nail polish journal!


  1. Polish jones. Hee!!
    Thanks for schooling us. :D Your second layering bit reminds me of OPI Love is a Racket. And I'm really loving LA Colors right now. I just wish DT had a wider selection of colors. Too much of a glitter bend right now.

  2. I am always in the Student Driver seat when it comes to schooling! LOL!

    I just went through my glitter drawer and organized by color. This is my procrastination on data entry for the Picture Polish give away which I promise will be announced tomorrow!


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